Construction and real estate specialists search, selection and headhunting

We work on recruitment and headhunting for construction and real estate professionals. We have experience in finding project management, construction, project, HVAC, maintenance, development project managers and specialists or simply real estate brokers and sales professionals. So if you are looking for construction or real estate professionals - contact us.

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The real estate sector is currently one of the main sectors in the Lithuanian market, with a number of different job positions. VOODOO has been working with companies in the real estate and construction sectors for several years, looking for various specialists and managers. If you are interested in searching, selecting and/or hunting for these and similar specialties – we can find the right solutions for you by finding the following professionals:

– Construction manager;

– Project Manager;

– Real estate appraiser;

– Commercial Real Estate Sales Manager;

– Private real estate sales manager;

– Real estate broker;

– Rental project manager;

– Leasing project manager;

– Development Manager;

– Construction manager of the building;

– Estimator;

– Construction Maintenance Manual;

– Manual of special construction works;

– Construction contractor;

– Finishing guide;

– Engineer;

– Constructor.

We have successfully found these and other similar positions for different companies throughout Lithuania. So if you have a need for this type of specialist selection, search or headhunting – we can find the right solutions for you. Based on the information provided by you, we will assess what competencies and specifics you need and provide a special offer that meets the needs and capabilities of your company.

VOODOO agency is trusted by different Lithuanian and foreign capital companies. We dedicate a selection project manager(s) to each client and each project, fully coordinating the selection/headhunting process.


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