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That’s how many new clients have chosen us in the last year


That’s how many clients return to us after their first project with subsequent selection projects


The staff we have found are working successfully after their probationary period

1 month

The average time it takes for a candidate to settle in a new company




Analysis of selection needs



Estimation of sectors and positions using segments



Selecting the target channels for selection



Contact with candidates



Telephone conversation



Live (video) conversation



Verification of recommendations



Presenting candidates to the client



Mutual feedback check after the interview



Follow-up consultations before/after recruitment

Key sectors and positions we work with

Here you will find a list of sectors and areas in which we are most often requested to help find market professionals. Of course, we work with a wider range of sectors and positions, so if you cannot find what you are looking for in this list, please contact us and we will discuss your needs and offer solutions or direct you in the right way.

Search for managers, CEO‘s

A headhunting search for board members, top managers, middle managers and team leaders. Looking for solutions to grow your business – we’ll advise you and find the right leaders for your needs.

Information technology

This is probably the most popular area in the last few years. We work on standard developer searches, selection, headhunting, as well as more complex positions such as cybersecurity, devops and more.


We have an extensive experience of working with companies in the logistics sector. Our client list includes companies involved in transport services, expedition, warehousing. These include both Lithuanian and foreign companies, which often need to expand or reshape their teams. Whether you are looking for a sales manager, a freight forwarder or a transport manager, get in touch and we are sure we will find the right solutions for you.


Whether you produce food (FMCG), medicines, furniture or cars, or any other equipment, appliances or something unique. During the lifetime of the VOODOO agency we have worked with different manufacturing companies in different cities and districts of Lithuania to find them different levels of specialists. Whether you are looking for a production manager or a technologist, a shift foreman or an assistant – contact us and our recruitment specialists will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions after finding out your needs.


Is your company a wholesaler or retailer? Do you currently have a need for search, selection or headhunting? We understand the trade sector and its subtleties because we have experience working with medium and large companies in this sector to find the right specialists and managers. Contact us to discuss all the options for finding the right solutions for you.


The market demand for engineers and engineering specialists is one of the highest. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about construction, information technology or any other category of engineering. In many cases, engineers have to be hunted down and “lured” from other companies, so the process is not quick and easy. But if you are in need of people in this field and you are ready to be more competitive in the market, and you have other strengths that we can help you identify – finding the right professionals for you is a possible mission.

Construction, real estate

We work on recruitment and headhunting for construction and real estate professionals. We have experience in finding project management, construction, project, HVAC, maintenance, development project managers and specialists or simply real estate brokers and sales professionals. So if you are looking for construction or real estate professionals – contact us.

Automobiles, auto industry

Auto industry is one of the sectors that we have been working with since VOODOO agency’s inception on the market. Car service, car and truck sales, production and sales of car parts, components and accessories are the main categories in which we are looking for specialists. If your company works in this sector, you can be sure that our experience and understanding of the sector will allow us to find the right professionals for you.


We work on recruitment in the medical sector in a variety of specialisations. If you’re looking for doctors, executives, medical sales managers, medical representatives, registrars or anything similar – you’re where you need to be. Contact us – we’ll listen and suggest the right solutions and we’ll implement them by finding the right people for you. We have over 5 years of experience working with companies in the medical sector.


It doesn’t matter what sector you are working in. We work with a wide range of sectors and positions that are not necessarily listed in separate paragraphs. So whether your sector is aviation, pharmaceuticals, public sector, FMCG, agriculture, robotics, nanotechnology or any other activity – if you have a need for specialists, professionals, executives or board members – whether it’s a search, a recruitment or a headhunt – let’s talk. We’ll do our best to find you what you’re looking for in the most efficient way.