About us

Let’s be familiar – this is VOODOO. If you might recognise yourself while reading this – let us know, no matter if you’re a potential client, a candidate or perhaps a future team member. The only way we can realise how much we can benefit from each other is through communication.

We think we’re different and we gather different team than most. We are not the biggest in the market (so far), but we have been growing successfully for the 5th year in a row, in terms of the number of team members and our clients. We notice that the market trusts our professionalism and understands what/how/why we do.

VOODOO, as you know, is a caring spirit. So when we work with people and find the right solutions for our clients, we also become like “magicians” who take care of both clients and candidates. In today’s world, it is no longer enough to place a job ad and wait for candidates to come to you. Attracting the right candidates requires a little magic, insight, activity, which is what we – VOODOO agency – use.

Let’s start with values. They are important to us, so before we start working with a new client, we try to assess whether we are similar to each other.


Maximalism, quality, openness, trust – these are the core values we live by.

We work with these values ​​each day in a team and expect our clients (present and future) to follow them. We do not just declare it, we live in it. Therefore, values for us are the operational basis for communication and cooperation.

Meet our team

Our team consists of professionals from the field with over a decade of experience in management, sales, marketing, business change management, human resource coordination, teaching methodology development and teaching.

We know that improving – means going hand in hand with your expectations, so we are an energetic team of maximists. We grow, think and create for you.

Our “core” consists of 3 key people in this agency:

Saulius Vanagas (founder of the agency), Sigita Valavičiūtė (head of the sales team) and Ingrida Pocevičiūtė (head of the recruitment department). The rest of the team, which consists of head hunting, sales and marketing specialists, also plays an important role in the activities of this agency.

Let’s start with the initiator of this project:

Saulius Vanagas

The creator and developer of this activity, excluding working hours and working 24/7, 365 days a year with exciting projects, valuable clients and reaching heights. Saulius started his career at the age of 6 and after graduating he continued to grow himself in different jobs, understanding more and more. Saulius has had to work with the Lithuanian and foreign markets in consulting, training and finding suitable professionals in different sectors, and the master’s degree, obtained at ISM / Norwegian Business School, helps to use the accumulated practical experience, linking it with the available theoretical knowledge. In VOODOO agency he works with the selection of certain positions, headhunting, advises others on the development and implementation of the company’s business and sales strategies. In the Linkedin network, Saulius has distinguished himself as a “mini influencer” with close to 30,000 followers of a business audience from Lithuania.

Sigita Valavičiūtė

Our team’s sales professional, who often becomes the primary contact with you – our clients. Many years of sales experience and multiple sales leadership positions in teams of sales professionals have led to expert knowledge and understanding of how long-term, design and “quick” sales are maintained, what KPIs need to be set for employees, how to motivate them and how to work with customers. Sigita is our “book reading guru” who thus improves her worldview, broadens her perception in business, consulting and sales.

Ingrida Pocevičiūtė

Represents the search and recruitment process in our team. Purposefully pursuing a career in HR, Ingrida gained her Master’s degree in Business Psychology and accumulated her experience in leading companies both Lithuanian and foreign capital. Working in the teams of the strongest players in the market, she has developed the pursuit of maximalism, flexibility and creativity, finding solutions in the most difficult situations. Ingrida herself believes that she is best defined by candidates who emphasize non-standard access, sincere communication and professionalism during the selection process. And her “drive” and goal in “headhunting”: to find the best candidate for the client in terms of both competencies and values.

Time to get in touch

Contact us and we’ll offer you the best solutions.

If you’re still reading, it’ obvious you want to talk to us live. So, let’s get in touch – we promise not to be “cheap”, but to offer you quality, results-oriented solutions that will enable you to achieve your desired goals thanks to the specialists we have found. VOODOO – we hunt for smart heads.