Services and solutions provided by VOODOO Talent Selection and Headhunting Agency

Board members search, board members recruitment

Board members can assess medium and large companies that require additional expertise in a certain area. Our agency has experience in finding and conducting a complete selection process for board submission.

Search, selection of managers, CEO‘s

Professional managers are the path to success for all businesses. However, finding the right managers in the current market is not as easy as it may seem at first sight, as it is not only about competences, but also about leadership styles, interest in the market, leadership qualities and the willingness and ability to work with a team in order to grow it. There is also resilience for hardships, emotional intelligence and other important attributes that are essential for successful leadership. If you are looking for leaders for long-term success, entrust this process to the experts at VOODOO talent hunting agency.

Head hunting, direct search for employees

Finding the right professional or manager is often no longer just a simple task of putting up an job ad and waiting for someone to apply. Most frequently, successful employees work at successful companies. The only way to attract them is through direct recruitment and headhunting. VOODOO talent hunting agency has been headhunting since its inception, so we know how to attract and “hunt” the right professionals or managers.

Personnel search, personnel selection

We provide search and selection of qualified staff services. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for sales managers or developers or engineers or accountants or HR specialists or any other kind of professional. Our experience in personnel search and selection allows us to successfully and efficiently perform these tasks.

Staff search, staff selection

We work with recruitment and selection of skilled employees. If you have a need for skilled workers – contact us. We will analyse your needs, advise you and offer solutions to help you find the right people.


Don’t want (or maybe don’t have) the time or resources for recruitment, payroll and other technical work in your company? We have a solution for you – we can employ people we find and simply hire them out to your company. This way, you won’t have to take care of the administrative part of the employees and you can concentrate your resources on the further development of your business.

Training of HR specialists

Looking for solutions to improve your HR department? Do you want to improve your recruitment processes and provide your team with additional recruitment knowledge and competences? Or maybe you just want to improve your Linkedin knowledge and skills? Contact us and we will offer the right HR training solutions for your company.

Candidates Testing

We test candidates and employees using different methodologies depending on the situation and the need. We can carry out personality Profile XT tests or more technical tests for specific qualifications. In each case, we evaluate and provide a solution that meets the client’s expectations (or refer you to our partners who provide this service).

Management and HR consulting

There are times when you just need to get advice on specific HR issues. In such cases, we can offer you a consultation to your company managers or HR specialists (depending on the need and the specific situation). During the consultation we clarify your company’s needs and help you find the best solutions for them.

Employer branding

Employer branding is an important key for attracting long-term employees. Creating a professional image of the employer takes a lot of time and effort. So if you’re looking for professional services and advices, it’s time to talk.