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The market demand for engineers and engineering specialists is one of the highest. It doesn't matter if we are talking about construction, information technology or any other category of engineering. In many cases, engineers have to be hunted down and "lured" from other companies, so the process is not quick and easy. But if you are in need of people in this field and you are ready to be more competitive in the market, and you have other strengths that we can help you identify - finding the right professionals for you is a possible mission.

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Engineering is probably one of the broadest fields, as companies are looking for engineers in various fields. The most sought after specialists are:

  • civil engineers,
  • industrial engineers,
  • information technology engineers,
  • furniture engineer,
  • project management engineers,
  • energy engineers,
  • telecommunications engineers,
  • HVAC engineers,
  • electronics engineer,
  • automotive engineers,
  • mechanical engineer,
  • production engineer,
  • design engineers,
  • water management engineers,
  • product quality engineers,
  • most other engineering professionals.

Are you looking for an engineer? We can help you. During the lifetime of the VOODOO Talent Selection and Headhunting Agency, we have worked on the search, selection or headhunting of engineers in various fields. No matter what field of engineering you are looking for, whether it is a professional with little experience in the market or who has been working in engineering for many years. We know the ways and means to reach the right professionals. Discovering experienced engineers is not so easy because once discovered, they need to be interested and identified to be suitable for a particular company and a specific field. So, in turn, we carry out a complete search and selection process for engineers, identify the most suitable potential candidates and only then offer them to our customers.

So, if you are considering hiring these specialists for yourself in the company – contact the VOODOO talent selection agency and we will understand the needs and offer you the most suitable solutions.


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