IT specialists (developers) search, selection and headhunting

This is probably the most popular area in the last few years. We work on standard developer searches, selection, headhunting, as well as more complex positions such as cybersecurity, devops and more.

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Finding the right IT specialists and/or developers in Lithuania sometimes becomes a difficult mission. It’s no secret that most companies are strengthening their position in the market and looking for various professionals in this field. There is a shortage of developers, so that professionals are sought through a variety of methods and channels.

VOODOO agency is looking for specialists from the following and all other levels:

– juniors;

– middle;

– professionals (seniors);

– team leaders;

– TOP executives.

In the field of IT, we usually provide the following services:

  • Developer selection, search, headhunting;
  • Selection of data scientists, search, headhunting;
  • Selection of IT solution architects/analysts, search, headhunting;
  • Engineer selection, search, headhunting;
  • Selection of QA specialists, search, headhunting;
  • Analyst selection, search, headhunting;
  • Selection, search, headhunting of system administrators;
  • DevOps selection, search, headhunting;
  • Selection, search, headhunting of project managers;
  • Product manager selection, search, headhunting;
  • Manager selection, search, headhunting.

When evaluating the selection of developers, we usually face the need for developers in the following languages:

– PHP;

– C#;

– Java;

– .NET;

– Ruby on Rails;

– Phyton;

– Other specific programming languages.

In some companies it is important that the work is done according to Agile project management methodology or separate methodologies (Waterfall, etc.), in others – this work practice is not implemented. Based on what employers expect from employees, we know where and what type of professionals to look for.

VOODOO headhunting agency works with clients of different sizes and different needs. We cooperate with Lithuanian and foreign capital companies, so we are sure that thanks to our accumulated experience, we can offer clients the right solutions.

It’s no secret – it is very important who will select (what experience recruiter has) your staff and/or headhunts, because it depends on:

– Employee finding terms;

– Finding a suitable and long-term employee;

– Formation and representation of your company’s image in the market.

Are you looking for or planning to expand and do you think cooperation with the agency will be needed? We will contact you and we will find out the right solutions for you and find out your needs.


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