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In many cases, the general perception on the market is that you can find the right marketing specialist by placing an ad on a job portal. However, this is a misconception. Marketing is a broad field and coordinating advertising does not mean marketing. It is therefore important to first understand what level of professional you are looking for and what functions they will perform: pricing, venue selection, promotion and communication, product development, etc. Then understand how deeply they need to know traditional and digital marketing, which tools to use, how to measure traffic, sales figures etc. And only then look for that person. The VOODOO agency has a particular experience and understanding in the selection of marketing specialists, because we are practitioners ourselves, with our manager coming from sales and marketing background we believe that we are able to provide the right guidance, consultation and find the right specialists according to your company's needs.

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Marketing is one of the most developing sectors in the modern world, often going at the same pace as IT. There is a special need for marketing professionals in digital marketing. However, there is often a lack of marketing professionals in the development of traditional marketing or work focused on universal marketing.

It is important to remember that marketing is not just about advertising and communication. Marketing includes: product, price, place, advertising, and in some cases, marketing is responsible for attracting people along with HR assistance. There are very few marketing professionals who are able to fully cover all these functions with a systematic and targeted understanding of all the components, but this is often not necessary in larger companies, as the marketing department consists of far more than one employee and the work functions are responsibilities and available competencies.

VOODOO selection and headhunting agency has considerable experience in working with search, selection and headhunting of marketing specialists. It is often necessary to contact these professionals directly and understand their competencies, which means that selection professionals must also have an understanding of the field. Our team consists of people who have been working in marketing for several years, so we have a fairly good understanding of marketing, the distribution of functions and responsibilities, and the needs between company specifics and business models.

Before starting your search, we evaluate the sector in which the company operates:

– Business to Business (B2B);

– Business to Consumer (B2C);

– Business to Government (B2G).

Also, we self-assess the main responsibilities and the distribution of functions in the current structure of the company and what competencies (what experience) are needed. Knowing these guidelines, we can predict how long it will take to select a specialist and, if necessary, advise the client on the attractiveness of the employee’s expected remuneration (and compensation package) for successful recruitment.

Whether you are looking for a beginner, advanced, skilled or managerial marketing specialist, we have experience in the selection, search and headhunting of marketing professionals at all levels.

So if you need specialists in this field and are flexible to market conditions and trends, we are sure that we can find the right solutions.


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