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We have experience in search, selection and headhunting of all logistics specialists. Transport management, expedition, sales of transport services, transport operations staff, customs brokers, 3PL solutions sales specialists, warehouse and warehousing specialists, managers. All these positions and more are part of our daily routine.

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Logistics is one of the largest sector in the Lithuanian market. This sector includes: transport and transportation companies, warehousing companies, forwarding companies. However, logistics professionals are not limited to companies in the logistics sector. Logistics staff can be found in most medium and large manufacturing and/or trading companies.

In order to find suitable logistics specialists, it is important to understand in detail the logistics sector, its operating principles, company structure, and employee responsibilities.

Since its first year, VOODOO has been working on the selection, search and headhunting of employees in the logistics sector. We are looking for the following specialists:

– Selection, search, headhunting of transport managers;

– Selection, search, headhunting of expedition managers;

– Selection of route planners, search, headhunting;

– Selection of sales specialists, search, headhunting;

– Selection, search, headhunting of project managers;

– Selection, search, headhunting of team leaders;

– Manager selection, search, headhunting;

– Selection and search of transport assistants.

In order to find suitable specialists in the logistics sector, it is necessary to understand:

– Geographical specifics of the company’s activities (Western Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Lithuania, USA, CIS , etc.);

– Specifics of the company’s activities (own fleet, contracts, forwarding, warehouses);

– Company capital (International / Lithuanian);

– Method of cargo transportation: land, sea, air;

– Type of cargo: partial / full, refrigerated, bulk, ADR, oversized, pharmaceutical, transported by road, tank, etc.;

– Working in “wheels”, “spots”, etc.;

– The employee is looking for a company in the logistics sector or a company that works with companies in the logistics sector (outsources their services);

– The distribution of responsibilities between the staff and the specific responsibilities.

Having this and other important data makes it much easier to find the right professionals. It is important to have the necessary experience and to understand what responsibilities and competencies a person will look for. In its turn, VOODOO agency has the necessary experience and is well acquainted with the logistics sector in Lithuania. We work with logistics companies of various sizes and types in Lithuania, so we can easily assess the specifics of the position, complexity and opportunities to find a suitable candidate. We can not only find the right specialist, but also, if necessary, consult on the motivation system and competitiveness in this market.

Contact us and we are sure we can offer you the right solutions. VOODOO – we hunt smart heads.


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