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We work with recruitment and selection of skilled employees. If you have a need for skilled workers - contact us. We will analyse your needs, advise you and offer solutions to help you find the right people.

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VOODOO agency works with the search and selection of all qualified staff. We provide services throughout Lithuania, so it does not matter in which city you are or in which city you need a qualified employee. We have been providing employee search, selection and recruitment services for more than 5 years. We have a well-developed process and system for reaching the right employees, getting them interested, figuring out their expectations and proposing the right solutions.

We provide the following services:

– Search for administrative staff, selection of administrative staff;

– Search for upholsterers, selection of upholsterers;

– Search for CNC machine tool operators, selection of CNC machine tool operators;

– Search for production workers, selection of production workers;

– Search for medical staff, selection of medical staff;

– Search for long-distance drivers, selection of long-distance drivers;

– Search for scaffolding installers, selection of scaffolding installers;

– Search for furniture assemblers, selection of furniture assemblers;

– Constructor search, constructor selection;

– Search for shift masters, selection of shift masters;

– Search for facility operators, selection of facility operators;

– Search for quality specialists, selection of quality specialists;

– Search and selection of other qualified staff.

We simply cannot list all the possible positions and specialties, because there is an exceptional number of them. If you have a specific need to select or search for administration or other qualified staff, please contact us. VOODOO agency has specialists with experience in the search and selection of employees in various fields, sectors and positions.

We advise clients from the beginning of the project until the employees are successfully employed by the company, and if necessary after the employment.

Lithuanian and foreign companies trust in VOODOO agency, so we are sure that thanks to our solutions you will soon find the right specialists ready to work.


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