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Employer branding is an important key for attracting long-term employees. Creating a professional image of the employer takes a lot of time and effort. So if you're looking for professional services and advices, it's time to talk.

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When assessing the conditions of the labor market – the image of the employer becomes one of the most important criteria according to which employees choose in which company to work.

However, the employer branding is not just about external communication and nice statements about what fun values, mission and vision we have. No, employer branding is first and foremost the management structure of the company, the processes, the internal communication, the relationship with the employees, the minimization of the hierarchical structure.

VOODOO agency works on the formation, transformation, preparation and communication of the image of the employer.

We perform an analysis (audit) of the company’s internal and external situation, assess the current situation, threats and possible consequences, and only then do we start working on the formation of the employer branding. Again, before starting the implementation process, we prepare an action plan and first implement it internally, and only then work on external communication.

The employer branding is not a matter of a few days or weeks. It can take years to form an attractive employer image in the market. It all depends on:

– Current market situations;

– Possible intentional or unintentional resistance within the company between the responsible persons;

– Available and desired investments;

– Desired and possible changes (sometimes even cardinal).

Only by evaluating all of these (and in some cases more) components, a forecast can be made of how long it will take, what effort and finances are needed to get the employer image in the right direction. And only after completing the issues of internal processes, communication and investment, it is possible to professionally engage in the external formation of the employer’s image.

Do you have the need to improve, create or redesign the image of the company you represent? Or maybe you’re just having trouble attracting talent and don’t know where the problems are? Contact us and we will be able to offer you solutions to professionally solve these problems after performing the necessary analyzes and interviews.


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