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Finding the right professional or manager is often no longer just a simple task of putting up an job ad and waiting for someone to apply. Most frequently, successful employees work at successful companies. The only way to attract them is through direct recruitment and headhunting. VOODOO talent hunting agency has been headhunting since its inception, so we know how to attract and "hunt" the right professionals or managers.

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You will probably not be surprised by the phrase “headhunting”. It is no secret that a significant number of positions, after assessing their criteria and complexity, can not always be found through standard selection (with the help of job advertisements) without the additional principle of direct selection.

Headhunting is especially necessary when evaluating:

– Search and selection of IT specialists (programmers, architects, testers, etc.);

– Search and selection of Sales Hunter specialists;

– Search and selection of managers in various fields;

– Search and selection of specialists in the field of finance (accountants, auditors, etc.);

– Search and selection of medical and pharmaceutical specialists;

– Search and selection of engineers;

– Search and selection of marketing specialists;

– Search and selection of certain other specialists (eg. CNC machine tool operators, technologists, etc.).

Headhunting is a much more complicated process than finding an employee after placing an ad, as with the ad applies people who have usually already decided on a changes, while headhunting (direct search) primarily involves contacting people who often do not consider a career change.

There are a few simple rules for successful headhunting:

– Image of the represented company;

– Financial/Salary package;

– Personal perspectives;

– Professional communication with hunted candidates;

– Time and deadlines;

– The image, reputation and credibility of the agency that represents you in the market.

However, even having most of these criteria, we will not necessarily headhunt the right professional or manager. Why? The market is such that employees choose carefully and evaluate any changes with caution, and if there is the slightest suspicion of future prospects, there is a high probability that even an interested candidate may refuse to join the team.

So headhunting and direct search is definitely not a simple and easy selection method. This requires both the time resources and the necessary competencies to find the right professional. Moreover, after hunting a candidate, it is important to assess whether it is really right for you, and initial contact is only part of the process, and the rest is all the other stages of full selection. So don’t be surprised that employee headhunting services will be much more expensive than standard CV screening and recruitment. Pricing for professional headhunting sometimes differs as much as 2-3 times compared to standard recruitment, with only a partial process. Finally, a significant part of the price is determined by the experience and competencies of the selection specialist.

VOODOO agency has been working in headhunting for over 5 years. All this time we specialize in headhunting and direct search, so if you need professional services – do not hesitate. Contact us and we will offer you the right solutions based on your expectations. In case your expectations do not meet our capabilities, we will suggest and recommend other possible alternatives.


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