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We test candidates and employees using different methodologies depending on the situation and the need. We can carry out personality Profile XT tests or more technical tests for specific qualifications. In each case, we evaluate and provide a solution that meets the client's expectations (or refer you to our partners who provide this service).

We recommend

Depending on the client’s needs and specific situation, we test candidates using different methods which can be theoretical or practical.

– Testing using PROFILE XT methodology. This methodology makes it possible to assess a candidate’s personal skills, learning potential, and hobbies based on an online format for simulation questions. Thanks to this methodology, it is possible to preliminarily assess a person’s suitability for a job position and to see the threats and advantages of the candidate. Based on the data from this test, it can be assumed whether the candidate will be suitable for a particular position. After the testing, the employer (client) is provided not only with written conclusions, but also with an additional discussion with one of our consultants, who are certified PROFILE XT representatives in the market.

– Testing with technical tasks. In a specific case and in a specific position, we can test candidates based on technical skills. In some cases, the terms of testing are provided by the client, in some cases we may prepare it.

– Testing during the interview on specific issues, comparing them with the candidate’s experience, CV data and recommendations, which are checked during the selection process. This method makes it possible to assess the extent to which a person is fit to perform certain tasks and the extent to which the information he or she provides is correct.

In some cases, testing may be performed on all of these named parts. Of course, we recommend testing all parts only for highly responsible or specific positions where the employer’s attractiveness in the market is extremely high and we see that the candidate himself agrees to an extended selection process by testing his abilities in different methods.


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