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The market demand for HR professionals has increased significantly in recent years. And there are not that many HR professionals who really understand what to do and how to do it in HR. So it is not so easy to find, attract and convince professionals in this market to change jobs. They know their value and they know why and how they can be useful in a particular company. We have experience in the recruitment, selection and headhunting of such professionals. So if you need this level of workers - contact us.

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Finding the right employees in the current market is not easy. The shortage of staff is only growing. Most companies are increasingly appreciating the value and benefits of employees and it is also becoming increasingly difficult to find the right recruitment professionals.

VOODOO agency has experience in providing the following services of HR specialists:

– Personnel manager selection, search, headhunting;

– HR partner selection, search, headhunting;

– Personnel manager selection, search, headhunting;

– Selection, search, headhunting of an employer image specialist;

– Selection, search, headhunting of the training coordinator;

– Selection, search, headhunting of an occupational safety and health specialist;

– Selection, search, headhunting of an organizational development specialist;

– Selection of people and culture specialist, search, headhunting;

– Most other positions relating to HR.

It is not enough to be a HR member or to complete psychology studies in order to find specialists in the field of personnel. It is often necessary to have a detailed understanding of how a company will look for a specialist, where the company’s strengths and weaknesses are, what the company’s structure looks like and what competencies are needed for a specialist of this rank to fit into the team.

VOODOO agency has more than 5 years of experience in the selection, search and headhunting of personnel specialists. We go deep into the needs and specifics of companies, so we have a good understanding of the sector, the structure of companies and internal responsibilities. And by combining our experience and the situations, we are able to successfully find specialists with the right competencies fairly quickly.

Are you considering recruiting, searching, or hunting for HR professionals? Contact us and we will find out the solutions that best meet your company’s needs and capabilities. We will consult from the beginning of the project until the employee will be succesfully employed.


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