Procurement and supply specialists search, selection and headhunting

Are you looking for procurement, supply specialists or managers? We can help you! We have an understanding and experience of the level of procurement or supply professionals are available in certain companies. So we will advise you on your needs and together we will find solutions on where to find these professionals, how to interest them and how to bring them to your company.

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When looking for procurement and supply professionals, it is important to understand what competencies these professionals should have, what foreign languages ​​(and markets) they have had to work with and, of course, what procurement budgets they have had or need to manage in the job they worked. It depends on the level of a particular specialist and the breadth of his or her competencies.

VOODOO agency has considerable experience in working with procurement and supply chain specialists, because during the existence of the agency we have successfully employed such specialists for different companies, both foreign and Lithuanian capital.

In the field of purchasing and supply, we are usually looking for the following positions:

– Procurement manager search, selection, headhunting;

– Supply manager search, selection, headhunting;

– Search, selection, headhunting of a commercial manager;

– Analyst search, selection, headhunting;

– Selection, search and/or headhunting of other professionals working in supply and/or procurement departments.

We carry out selection and search for employees of different levels, so whether you are looking for a beginner, advanced, skilled or highest levet specialist – we will advise, perform analysis and suggest solutions on how to find a specialist at the appropriate level.

VOODOO agency has been working with the search, selection and headhunting of procurement and supply specialists for more than 5 years. We have both a database and a developed circle of contacts, thanks to which we can reach and discover the right specialists.

If you are considering looking for specialists in purchasing, supply or any other field – contact us. We will carry out an analysis, prepare a project and suggest how to implement it in the most appropriate way.


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