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Professional managers are the path to success for all businesses. However, finding the right managers in the current market is not as easy as it may seem at first sight, as it is not only about competences, but also about leadership styles, interest in the market, leadership qualities and the willingness and ability to work with a team in order to grow it. There is also resilience for hardships, emotional intelligence and other important attributes that are essential for successful leadership. If you are looking for leaders for long-term success, entrust this process to the experts at VOODOO talent hunting agency. We will find out your needs, provide you with advice, insights and, if necessary, find the right managers for you.

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The attractiveness of management positions in the market is often higher than that of middle managers, as the candidates could include current managers, former managers and future managers, so competition in the management chain is much higher. But why isn’t finding the right one so easy?

First of all, it is important to assess the managers competencies. All managers say they have the required competencies (and even more), but often after a very detailed discussion, it becomes clear that certain competencies are not as professional as they should be in a particular position.

The next important criteria is leadership style. What style does the manager work in? How he interacts with the team, how he interacts with colleagues, and how he communicates with the shareholders or executives to whom he is accountable. It depends on whether or not it will be appropriate for a particular company position and team.

Also, the search and selection of managers is not so simple and many components are added to who performs the selection, what experience and competencies the selection specialists have: whether they are former managers, understand specific real actions, perform theoretical functions or only theoretically are familiar with the responsibilities of managers.

At VOODOO, there works professionals with management experience in large companies and who have worked both at the level of consultants in foreign markets and in the role of manager in the Lithuanian market participate in the selection, search and hunting processes of managers.

VOODOO provides the following executive search and selection services:

– Search, selection, headhunting of company executives;

– TOP level manager selection, search, headhunting;

– Selection, search, headhunting of board members;

– Search, selection, headhunting of middle level managers;

– Selection of team leaders, search, headhunting.

We usually work with the selection, search and headhunting of the leaders of the following chains:

– Search, selection, headhunting of the company’s CEO;

– Search, selection, headhunting of a Commercial Manager (CCO);

– Search, selection, headhunting of the Operations Manager (COO);

– IT manager search, selection, headhunting;

– Marketing manager (CMO) search, selection, headhunting;

– Sales Manager (CSO) search, selection, headhunting;

– Search, selection, headhunting of the CFO;

– Information flow manager (CIO) search, selection, headhunting;

– Strategy Manager search, selection, headhunting;

– Search, selection, headhunting of the Head of Administration (CAO);

– Search, selection, headhunting of the Human Resources Manager (CHRO);

– Procurement Manual (CPO) search, selection, headhunting;

– Production manager (CPO) search, selection, headhunting;

– Public Relations manager (CRO) search, selection, headhunting;

– Search, selection, headhunting of other middle level managers.

Confidential headhunting of managers is often preferred, so VOODOO takes care of this need and ensures complete confidentiality for the client throughout the search and selection process.

Are you considering working with an agency? Let us know and we will find out your needs and provide you with the right offer, terms, prices and process. We are confident that our experience in the market will allow us to find the most suitable managers according to your specific needs and market situations. We consult at all stages of manager selection and even after the manager is employed in your company. If necessary, managers are granted with an extended warranty period.


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