Don't want (or maybe don't have) the time or resources for recruitment, payroll and other technical work in your company? We have a solution for you - we can employ people we find and simply hire them out to your company. This way, you won't have to take care of the administrative part of the employees and you can concentrate your resources on the further development of your business.

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Are you looking for employees for fixed-term projects or another specific period? We have a solution for you.

We can offer a staff rental service. Hiring rental staff is useful when:

– you know that the project will be for a limited period;

– you do not want to bother with additional recruitment / employment worries;

– you do not want to engage in additional employee search when one of the employees leaves;

– you do not have the resources for certain calculations of employee remuneration or other components, provision of information to public authorities, etc.

Hiring staff  from VOODOO agency allows you to solve all these and most other situations.

The VOODOO agency can offer employees both from the existing database and select suitable options, using job ads or simply “hunting” certain specialists.

After receiving a customer request, we find out and assess the possibilities and needs. Based on this information, we prepare the project and provide the potential client with the project process, pricing and other components that are important for the successful implementation of the staffing project.

Have any needs? Do not hesitate. Contact the VOODOO talent agency and we will find the most suitable solutions for you.


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