Management and HR consulting

There are times when you just need to get advice on specific HR issues. In such cases, we can offer you a consultation to your company managers or HR specialists (depending on the need and the specific situation). During the consultation we clarify your company's needs and help you find the best solutions for them.

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As you know, different companies have different internal HR resources and opportunities: some have internal HR staff, others do not have them at all, but those with and without them sometimes need external advice in order to understand the prevailing market situation and the direction to move successfully.

VOODOO agency, with many years of experience, provides HR consulting services to both company managers and HR staff.

Consultations are usually needed when we want to implement/evaluate:

– employee motivation systems, their development, improvement;

– employee training programs, their development, adaptation;

– employee wage and bonus schemes;

– ways and channels of attracting employees;

– employee evaluation systems, its use in practice;

– other issues related to the activities of the personnel department and the successful development of an employee culture in the company.

Do you think you need a consultation on one of these issues? Or perhaps there are other topics you want to address in consultation with external partners? Contact us and we will provide you suggestions and solutions to address your concerns and situations more effectively.

We cooperate with different external consultants, so in situations when we will not be able to meet your needs with our internal resources – we will refer you to other market professionals who we trust and who will be able to find the right solutions for you.


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