Personnel search, personnel selection

In the last few years, finding the right staff for companies has become increasingly difficult. It’s no secret that some people want to work as little as possible, but earn as much as possible. It is important for employers that the employee not only works, but also creates some value, because otherwise such an employee will not benefit the company.

Headhunting has become a common phrase in the minds of both employers and employees, as they are often challenged. Only, depending on the situation, selections can be made with your own resources, and agencies can be hired to perform this function for you.

When is it worth hiring an agency to recruit or search for you?

Personnel selection services are usually useful when:

– You do not have adequate resources to perform such work;

– You do not have the right competencies to assess the competencies of the candidates you find.

The fact that you have a HR manager and/or HR manager does not mean that it can cover all the functions you want, as these professionals have a very wide range of responsibilities in larger companies.

If you have already decided that you need the services of a recruitment agency, then it remains to choose the right and competent agency. VOODOO agency mainly works with the selection, search and headhunting of the following specialists:

  • Selection, search, headhunting of IT specialists and developers;
  • Selection, search, headhunting of marketing specialists;
  • Search for employees in the financial sector;
  • Search for sales specialists;
  • Search for production specialists;
  • Search for engineers;
  • Search for doctors and medical staff;
  • Search for procurement and supply specialists;
  • Search for personnel specialists;
  • Search for banking, FinTech specialists;
  • Search for real estate professionals;
  • Search for logistics specialists;
  • Selection, search, headhunting of managers at all levels.

IT specialists (developers) search, selection and headhunting

This is probably the most popular area in the last few years. We work on standard developer searches, selection, headhunting, as well as more complex positions such as cybersecurity, devops and more. We provide search, selection and headhunting services for the following positions: developers, data scientists, IT solution architects/analysts, engineers, QA specialists, analysts, system administrators, devops, project managers, product managers, IT and team leaders. So no matter what kind of IT professionals you are looking for – contact us and we will find solutions that meet your expectations.

Marketing specialists search, selection and headhunting

In many cases, the general perception on the market is that you can find the right marketing specialist by placing an ad on a job portal. However, this is a misconception. Marketing is a broad field and coordinating advertising does not mean marketing. It is therefore important to first understand what level of professional you are looking for and what functions they will perform: pricing, venue selection, promotion and communication, product development, etc. Then understand how deeply they need to know traditional and digital marketing, which tools to use, how to measure traffic, sales figures etc. And only then look for that person. The VOODOO agency has a particular experience and understanding in the selection of marketing specialists, because we are practitioners ourselves, with our manager coming from sales and marketing background we believe that we are able to provide the right guidance, consultation and find the right specialists according to your company’s needs.

Financial sector employees search, selection and headhunting

Whether you’re looking for a finance manager or accountant, or maybe you’re just looking for people working in banks, credit unions or other fintechs who are responsible for cash operations, execution, control, etc. We handle all types of recruitment, selection and headhunting in the financial sector. So whether you are looking for financial consultants or AML specialists or any other professionals who handle financial operations – contact VOODOO agency and we will offer you solutions that will suit your needs.

Sales specialists search, selection and headhunting

There is a major lack of specialists and professionals in the sales market. Especially for those who are able to work on finding and attracting new customers in both local and export markets. Often sales professionals present themselves as capable of doing a lot, but when interviewing them and asking them targeted questions, it is clear that they are used to simply servicing enquiries. So when looking for sales professionals, it is important to understand what level of specialist you are looking for, what their roles and responsibilities will be, and what tools you will provide. VOODOO agency has been working with sales searches and headhunting since the agency’s inception, so we are confident that we can offer one of the most professional searches in this field on the Lithuanian market.

Production specialists search, selection and headhunting

Whether you produce food (FMCG), medicines, furniture or cars, or any other equipment, appliances or something unique. During the lifetime of the VOODOO agency we have worked with different manufacturing companies in different cities and districts of Lithuania to find them different levels of specialists. Whether you are looking for a production manager or a technologist, a shift foreman or an assistant – contact us and our recruitment specialists will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions after finding out your needs.

Engineers search, selection and headhunting

The market demand for engineers and engineering specialists is one of the highest. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about construction, information technology or any other category of engineering. In many cases, engineers have to be hunted down and “lured” from other companies, so the process is not quick and easy. But if you are in need of people in this field and you are ready to be more competitive in the market, and you have other strengths that we can help you identify – finding the right professionals for you is a possible mission.

Doctors and medical specialists search, selection and headhunting

We work on recruitment in the medical sector in a variety of specialisations. If you’re looking for doctors, executives, medical sales managers, medical representatives, registrars or anything similar – you’re where you need to be. Contact us – we’ll listen and suggest the right solutions and we’ll implement them by finding the right people for you. We have over 5 years of experience working with companies in the medical sector.

Procurement and supply specialists search, selection and headhunting

Are you looking for procurement, supply specialists or managers? We can help you! We have an understanding and experience of the level of procurement or supply professionals are available in certain companies. So we will advise you on your needs and together we will find solutions on where to find these professionals, how to interest them and how to bring them to your company.

Personnel specialists search, selection and headhunting

The market demand for HR professionals has increased significantly in recent years and there are not that many HR professionals who really understand what to do and how to do it in HR. So it is not so easy to find, attract and convince professionals in this market to change jobs. They know their value and they know why and how they can be useful in a particular company. We have experience in the recruitment, selection and headhunting of such professionals. So if you need this level of workers – contact us.

Banking, FinTech specialists search, selection and headhunting

The banking and fintech sector in Lithuania has become very popular in the last few years. Hundreds of fintech companies are setting up in Lithuania and are looking for specialists in a variety of fields. In turn, we work with a wide range of fintechs to find developers, sales specialists, money laundering or any other type of specialist. So if you have a need for employees in this sector, don’t hesitate to contact VOODOO Agency.

Construction and real estate specialists search, selection and headhunting

We work on recruitment and headhunting for construction and real estate professionals. We have experience in finding project management, construction, project, HVAC, maintenance, development project managers and specialists or simply real estate brokers and sales professionals. So if you are looking for construction or real estate professionals – contact us.

Logistics and transport specialists search, selection, headhunting

We have experience in search, selection and headhunting of all logistics specialists. Transport management, expedition, sales of transport services, transport operations staff, customs brokers, 3PL solutions sales specialists, warehouse and warehousing specialists, managers. All these positions and more are part of our daily routine.